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Welcome all Visitors and Newcomers

We welcome you to Holy Family Catholic Church and invite you to become involved in our parish. If you wish to be a member, fill out the form on this page, or pick up a newcomer registration form in the vestibule.

Weekly Mass Schedule*

* see the weekly bulletin or the monthly calendar for exceptions
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The Mission of Holy Family Catholic Church

To continue to build a Christian community, challenged by Jesus’ command to love one another as He loves us, by growing in relationship with God and one another, and thereby participating in building the kingdom of God on earth. This will be evidenced by a true Catholic presence of love, support and service for each other in our parish and in the local and global community.

Inclement Weather Policy
Holy Family Catholic Church

Póliza de Clima Peligrosa
Iglesia Católica de Sagrada Familia

The following will be put into effect each time there is an occurrence of inclement weather that makes traveling to and from church grounds hazardous:

Weekend and weekday Masses will be celebrated as scheduled. They will not be cancelled.
All church meetings, classes and events (including, but not limited to: Faith Formation, RCIA, Parish Council, and other scheduled programs and events) will be cancelled and the office will be closed for the duration of inclement weather. (A general rule: if Orange County schools are closed due to inclement weather, then so are we!)

All staff, paid and volunteer, are not required to travel to church grounds.

Note** In the event of inclement weather, common sense is to prevail. All meetings will be canceled. The buildings will be closed with the exception of weekend and weekday Masses. The parish will not assume liability for those who disregard this policy.

Even though Masses will not be canceled, in the event that travel to Mass is precarious the Faithful of this parish are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.

Examples of inclement weather include, but are not limited to:

Snow and ice storms
Heavy rain

Lo siguiente será puesto en efecto cada vez que haya un clima peligroso y que al viajar de la iglesia o a la iglesia sea peligroso.

Las misas de fin de semana y entre semana se celebrarón al mismo horario. No se cancelarán.

Todas las reuniones, clases (incluyendo clases de catecismo, RICA, Concilio Pastoral y otros programas y eventos) serán cancelados y la oficina será cerrada durante el mal clima. (Una regla general: si las escuelas del condado de Orange están cerradas por el mal clima, ¡nosotros también!)

Todo personal, pagado y voluntario, no se requiere viajar a la iglesia.

Nota** En caso de clima peligroso, use su sentido común. Todas las reuniones serán canceladas. El edifício se cerrara con la excepción de las misas de fin de semana y entre semana. La iglesia no será responsable de los que ignoran esta póliza.

A pesar de que las misas no están canceladas, y en el evento de viajar a misa es peligroso, los feligreses de esta parroquia son dispensados de asistir a misa.

Ejemplos de clima peligroso:

Tormentas severas
Tormentas de nieve
Tormentas de granizo