Welcome to our center for individual growth in discipleship at Holy Family: our Discipleship Quads!

We would like to offer the opportunity to any and all adults interested to participate in a small faith group – virtually for now, of course, but with the possibility of continuing in-person when all of this passes at last. These groups are called Discipleship Quads, and their purpose is to foster growth in each participant through prayer, accountability, and authentic relationships. There is no “leader” of the group, per se. Each member will take a turn facilitating some of the week’s discussions; however, a coordinator is needed to help get the ball rolling and to work out the initial practical details of meeting. All the weekly materials – readings, questions, reflections – are provided for free.

What’s involved?

– meet weekly for roughly 90 minutes with 3 other adults at a time mutually decided

– the full Quad program covers about 12 months – However! To begin, we are asking for a commitment for the duration of this time of uncertainty and quarantine, and we will ask every participant to reevaluate as life returns to “normal”

minor assignments / readings to complete during the week which will feed the next week’s discussion

commitment to honesty, trust, and appropriate vulnerability in an effort to cultivate genuine relationships, discussion, and spiritual growth

If you’re interested in participating in a virtual Discipleship Quad, please fill out this survey so that we can connect you with a group that fits you!

** Please note: All groups are single-sex. Couples are encouraged to participate, but they will be in separate groups. We will make an effort to connect married men with other married men, and married women with other married women.**

Any questions? Please email Denelle in the office.