Elementary Religious Education (ERE)

First Grade (McGivney Room)

    • Erin Scott
    • Luz Perez
    • Juana Delgadillo
    • Melissa Maloney
    • Serena Wisnewski
    • Janet Vera

1st Grade Catechists

Second Grade (St. Michael’s Room)

    • Ana Rubio
    • Martha Lopez
    • Frances Klinker
    • Sandy Sands
    • Debi Timko
    • Ana Rubio

2nd Grade Catechists

Third Grade (St. Matthew’s Room)

    • Socorro Lozano
    • Sandra Guerrero
    • Irvin Cheluca
    • Mariela Martinez
    • Gayle DelVecchia
    • Katherine Stanford

3rd Grade Catechists

Four Grade (Mother Mary’s Room)

    • Sandy Sands
    • Virginia Perez
    • Layne Chaffin
    • John Neuffer
    • Maria Mancera
    • Brandon Bergenroth

4th Grade Catechists

Fifth Grade (St. Paul’s Room)

    • Dcn. Benny Yupanqui
    • Geraldine Orlando
    • Sandy Sands
    • Johana Roque
    • Paul Kenney
    • Elizabeth Kenney

5th Grade Catechists

Faith Formation Assistants

    • Fabiana Palomo (Spanish): 919-732-1030

Fabiana Palomo

  • Chris McKelvey (English): 919-732-1030

Middle First Communion (Parish Hall)

  • Dcn. Benny Yupanqui
  • Fabiana Palomo
  • Veronica Rivera

Confirmation (Parish Hall)

  • Dcn. Benny Yupanqui
  • Mary Scott

Junior Youth Ministry (JYM) (Parish Hall / Salon Parroquial)

  • Veronica Wisnewski

Total Youth Ministry (TYM) (Parish Hall / Salon Parroquial)

  • Chris Wisnewski

Safety Coordinator

    • Ron Boisvert

Safety Coordinator


  • Guadalupe Palomo


  • Fr. Mark Betti

Inviting Parishioners To Serve Others

Holy Family Church is seeking volunteers to support Catechists with Elementary, Middle or High School students on Sundays, some Saturdays, or any other day during the week. Days are flexible according to your schedule. You should like work with children and youth, as well as love to share your faith in Jesus Christ. In giving your time to others, you are giving your time to God. Please contact Deacon Benny for more information at yupanqui@hfcch.org, or learn more about Getting Involved in Faith Formation.