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About Holy Family Institute

Holy Family Institute is a parish bilingual Catholic ministry created to train Elementary, Middle and High School catechist teachers and any people who would like to learn more about God and the church; it is part of Holy Family Catholic Church and located in Hillsborough, NC. The main methodology is self-study with personal and online support by the staff. Every course is programed for a month of self-study with a test at the end of it and a reflective two-page paper including specific content, class teachings and your own personal faith in Jesus Christ.


  • To promote Catholic vision of the student/catechist about Christian Catholic Faith within the Catholic Church.
  • To increases the student/catechist their knowledge of specific topics from our Catholic faith. Upon successful completion, students should be able to know and understand key concepts of God’s revelation in the Catholic faith.
  • To practice our faith in our daily life. It is an apprentice-like training in the principals and application of Christian living. While this includes reflective practices, it also means engaging in ministry activities and helping in the church.


Training is designed to be given in three levels:

  • Level I: Sacred Scriptures
  • Level II: Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Level III: Practical and Pastoral Theology



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Dcn. Benny Yupanqui, MTh, MPS, Director of Faith Formation.

  • Tyler Dockery, MAEd, Syllabus and Examination English language
  • Kelly Geldres Yupanqui, MAEd, Syllabus and Examination Spanish language
  • Mary Pat Scott, BBA, BS, Examination Proctor and communication
  • Cynthia Garrison, BBA, Media and Outreach