Adults of the Parish are encouraged to continue their formation and spiritual development in all stages of life. Depending on where you are on your spiritual journey toward holiness, there is an adult formation opportunity for you:

RCIA Classes for Adults Interested in Becoming Catholic

For more information about becoming Catholic or to register for RCIA classes, please contact Deacon Bert L’Homme at

Congratulations to our new Catholic brothers and sisters who received the sacraments this Easter! » Download pictures

Bible Study for Adults and Senior Citizens

Continuing to learn about our Catholic faith through interactive catechesis, the adult bible study group meets in August through May to study scripture and other elements of our faith in fun ways using various bible study and FORMED video/discussion series programs. Meeting Mondays from 1-2:30pm, this lively group enjoys growing together in faith and fellowship as we explore different topics throughout the year. In addition to formation, this group provides a great way to get to know members of the Parish in a more real and authentic way. For information, please contact adult catechist Cynthia Garrison at

Upcoming Programs: The Bible Timeline resumes in August 2019

Men’s Morning Bible Study

Meeting weekly  year-round to offer encouragement, challenge and fraternity to the men of Holy Family, the Men’s Bible Study group’s goal is to help men live their vocation through fraternity, scripture and study. Join us each Friday morning as we strive to understand and live as the men God has called us to be. Contact Dominic Iooco at 858-353-8628 or for more information.